LHG is situated in a quiet rural location and is surrounded by fields. There has been a good number of wildlife living on site, or passing through.

Some examples are rabbits in the garden, a multitude of birds, a badger run, frogs and toads hopping into the sejour (living room) in the summer, large moths, butterflies, bats flying around at dusk feeding on the wing, field mice.

We have planted trees and shrubs that flower and have berries to encourage birds and insects, and we compost everything we can. We have planted an additional 100 trees in the last 2 years and have plans to plant more shrubs in the garden to enhance its beauty and attract wildlife. Parts of the garden on the borders are left uncut to encourage suitable habitats.

In the autumn this year we will be planting bird boxes, a bat box, an insect house and a swallow house.

RSPB link on habitat creation to encourage wildlife